IEC Products

When a factory has critical operations running with help of compressed air, shutting down the Air Compressor becomes unaffordable. To overcome this problem, project engineers adopt any of the following strategies, while buying Air Compressors -
 Strategy One - DEVIDE AND RULE

 1. Divide your total requirement in two. Buy three compressors of the one half size. e.g. if your total compressed air requirement is 100 cfm, you should buy 3 compressors of 50 cfm each. This approach gives you both -
Standby Compressor - you have 100%  standby when 1 compressor is down. You have 50% standby when 2 Compressors are down.
Flexibility in capacity utilization- You can run 1,2 or 3 compressors depending upon what part of you factory is running. It would become even more flexible and energy saving if you buy one of the Compressors with VFD installed in it.
 It is common belief among Project Engineers that bigger the Air Compressor, more Energy Efficient it is. Hence idea of serving the factory with smaller compressors does not fit in to their criteria. They go for one big compressor, And One as standby , of same size. Some buy one of these two with VFD fitted, and some go one step ahead and buy both with VFD. All depends how deep your pocket is.
 Stratege ONE suits to those looking for Capital Cost reduction, and obviously strategy Two is for cash rich factories.